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STREAM Support

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For more information, please e-mail our helpdesk ( or call us at +31 20 655 9000.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the STREAM Applications?
a. STREAM Interactive – SMART Client Application – Downloaded onto a user’s individual PC/Laptop

b. STREAM Dashboard/STREAM Next-Gen – Web Based Solution – Web browser agnostic

2. What do I need to do when there is a STREAM Upgrade?
a. STREAM Interactive – No user action is required. Customers will be informed when an upgrade is due to take place. Once completed the next time a user loads the application it will initiate an update.

b. STREAM Dashboard/STREAM Next-Gen – No user action is required. Updates are released on a monthly basis and will be communicated by the Release Manager.

Maintenance windows and release cycles for the year will be planned and communicated in advance to customers. Release notes will be provided prior to the monthly upgrade. Ad-hoc releases are infrequent and will be advised by the Release Manager, as is the case with all STREAM releases system downtime will be kept to a minimum.

3. How do I reset my password?
Each customer will have dedicated Administrators who can reset passwords within the applications administration section. If you require further assistance, an email can be sent to the AerData helpdesk.

4. Can I scan documents into the applications?
Scanning is available in the STREAM Interactive application. A user with the assigned permission can click on the ‘Scan Documents’ button and engage the scanning module

5. What type of document exports are supported?
a. STREAM Interactive – Single & Multiple PDF exports are supported. A user can also choose to Multi Export to ZIP

b. STREAM Dashboard/STREAM Next-Gen – PDF and Export to ZIP options are available.

Alternatively, if requested AerData can also provide hard drives/USBs with an export of customer data.

6. Can I transfer an asset(s) data to another environment?
If a customer is interested in transferring their asset(s) into another customer’s environment this is possible through an Asset Transfer. For further details please contact your dedicated support manager.

7. What information is required to create a new STREAM user?
STREAM Interactive/ STREAM Dashboard/ STREAM Next-Gen – New users can be created by an Administrator in the administration section of the application. Minimum required data includes name, email address and access period. An administrator is also able to restrict access to certain assets/permissions. The AerData helpdesk can also assist with larger user creation requests. Any request received will require approval from an Authorised Requester before access is granted.

8. Can I view non-image files in the application?
All STREAM applications will allow a user to upload different file types. The system will display image files and offer the user the opportunity to download other file types.

Tips and Tricks

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