Boeing has suspended the delivery of all flight and network operations tools and services to Russian and Belarusian customers.


Digital Aircraft Records

STREAM is used by airlines, lessors and MROs to deliver a solution for the management of hard copy technical records. Developed in 2002 to overcome the limitations of scanning to PDF, STREAM was specifically developed to address the needs of those wishing to manage, protect and share access to vast quantities of scanned aircraft and engine technical records. The system is already in use at leading airlines and lessors and has just launched at a leading UK-based MRO. 

STREAM encompasses fast access indexing that can be customised as per the client's specification and a powerful OCR search tool. Access is provided to read-only scanned data on a DVD or memory stick for wire free access, via secure web connection to STREAM Online or in a fully editable format on AerData's newest version called STREAM Interactive.


Nick Edge, Technical Records Manager, Engineering, Emirates, said:

"Through close collaboration with AerData, Emirates Engineering now provides the most up-to-date Digital Records from Asset delivery to departure for local and global customers, thus enabling continued Asset Value and Customer Satisfaction."

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This allows an airline, lessor or MRO, to scan, index and centralise all its records for sharing both within and outside its organisation. The system is deployed via a STREAM Interactive web browser. This browser allows the following functions:

  • Viewing of scanned data
  • Searching of scanned data using OCR search
  • Indexing of the data (for example the ability build electronic AD files within the system)
  • Adding of new data via a scanning interface or via PDF / TIFF import
  • Export of the data to DVD or bookmarked PDF
  • An in-built workflow to enable the quality control of new data added
  • Sharing of all or selective data to third parties via username and password
  • Live management of heavy maintenance from in-house or third-party MRO using STREAM
  • Integration with MRO IT systems such as AMOS, SAP, PMI.

STREAM now includes Repair Map for the effective management of structural repairs and damages.

STREAM is offered under a software license agreement or via AerData's Support Services