Boeing has suspended the delivery of all flight and network operations tools and services to Russian and Belarusian customers.

Service Assurance

Relevant certifications and assurance reports


When you use our hosted services, they effectively become an extension of your own organization, so you need to have absolute confidence that we meet the standards you set for yourself.  

To help you in this and give the reassurance you need, we employ rigorous management controls audited both internally and by independent third party auditors to certify and ensure that our systems and processes comply with the latest relevant industry standards. 

You can find all the relevant certifications and assurance reports right here. 


Service Organization Controls (SOC) reports provide an attestation of the effectiveness of the management controls we operate in delivery of service to our clients in support of their internal control processes. Ernst and Young provide that independent attestation.  

Discussions with Dennis Houtekamer (Executive Director, EY Advisory) have clarified that SOC 1 reporting has the following key benefits for AerData customers: 

Improved Risk Management – An experienced independent audit team evaluates your existing processes and controls over financial reporting to identify opportunities for improvement.

Independent review of control environment – Through compliance with Federal regulatory guidance and leading industry best practices, SOC 1 report will support a service organization’s ability to address a financial statement audit with greater confidence.  

Decreased costs – Service organizations without a SOC 1 report may be subject to testing by an agency’s internal and external auditors.  This disrupts operations and requires the redeployment of scarce resources to assist the auditors. 

Enhanced communications – A well described system in a SOC 1 report can increase transparency to an agency and improve its understanding of internal controls over financial reporting.”


To help you realise these benefits in your organisation, please contact us for the relevant assurance report and supporting policies.