Boeing has suspended the delivery of all flight and network operations tools and services to Russian and Belarusian customers.

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AMS Asset Management Solution


Asset Management Solution

Asset Management Solution (AMS) is a software tool that empowers lessors, financial institutions and asset management firms to make intelligent decisions regarding owned and leased assets.

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RMS Records Management Solution


Records Management Solution

Manage, protect and share access to vast quantities of scanned technical records for a leased or owned asset from anywhere at anytime using our cloud-based technical records management solution.

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EFPAC Engine Maintenance Cost Planning


Engine Fleet Planning And Costing

EFPAC is a total engine management analytics solution which helps customers optimize engine maintenance planning, spares availability and budgets.

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STREAM Digital Aircraft Records


Digital Aircraft Records

STREAM is the industry standard electronic aircraft records management solution. It is a secure web enabled system that allows the airline, lessor or MRO to scan, index and centralize all its records for 24/7 access.

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AerData Technical Services


Technical Services

AerData Technical Services was originally founded in 2011, with a vision to provide a unique business concept to the industry. This includes aircraft and engine technical consultancy and project management. Tech Services is commonly used by Airlines, Aircraft and Engine owners, Asset Managers and Financial Institutions.

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AerData Support Services


Support Services

AerData offers a complete range of ad hoc or continuous support services including lease administration, records scanning and indexing and technical support across all AerData applications.

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