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Engine Fleet Planning And Costing

EFPAC is a total engine management solution specifically designed to support proactive risk management with visibility of financial exposures.

The solution leverages advanced analytics to allow easy engine technical records control, lease management, maintenance planning and financial forecasting. This enables engineering, finance and planning to work together seamlessly when producing budget forecasts, engine removal forecasts, "what if" scenarios and cost per hour analysis. Amendments to the planning can be accommodated easily and the professional reporting provides all the justification required for the engine maintenance budgets.

Ahmed Safa, Emirates Senior Vice President, Engineering Support Services said:

EFPAC will help replace a manual planning process for Engine maintenance at Emirates Engineering with an automated system resulting in faster and better decision making. Since the implementation of STREAM in 2013, AerData has worked closely with Emirates Engineering to understand our requirements and to constantly improve their systems based on our feedback.”


  • Integrate technical, financial and operational information
  • Produce budget forecasts, removal plans and shop visits
  • Maintenance reserves
  • Automatically Optimize shop visits and removal plans (the EFPAC Optimizer)
  • Dynamically schedule and confirm shopvisits using drag and drop functionality in a preloaded removal plan (EFPAC Scheduler in Gantt chart view)


  • Planning easily accommodate amendments
  • Run cost scenarios
  • Make budgets predictable
  • Produce professional reports to support management decisions
  • Integration with existing engine tracking and technical records systems
  • Seamless incorporation with other AerData software
  • Incorporation with your dashboard (to display key engine configuration and planning data from EFPAC)

EFPAC took offering modules to support optimum maintenance planning and costing, or APUs, landing gear and propellers, making it an effective aircraft asset management system.

The trinity of an easy to use engine management system, the forecasting possibilities and the ability to use professional management reporting to support decisions, makes EFPAC a risk management tool that will be of great benefit to any engine maintenance organization.Furthermore, EFPAC can be integrated with existing engine tracking and technical records systems avoiding duplication of effort or the expense involved in a company-wide systems replacement.