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CMS Support

Tips and Tricks, Frequently Asked Questions and more...

For more information, please e-mail our helpdesk ( or call us at +31 20 655 9000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does CMS stand for?
C - Corporate 
M - Management
S - System

2. How can I reset my password?
For CMS accounts via Citrix and for CMS Dashboard accounts, passwords can be reset by using the following link:

Before submitting your new password, please make sure that all your active sessions are closed.

3. I can't see my asset or contract in the asset or contract overview grids, what do I do?
When searching for your specific asset or contract, please check if the asset status or contract status is set correctly in the overview grid. As an alternative it is also possible to use the search function to find your specific asset or contract. If you need any help, please feel free to contact our helpdesk.

4. Why does my shop visit of a major component appear twice on the technical specification report? 
Please check if there is data filled in for the end date of the shop visit.
5. I can't see the the Portfolio I just created, what do I do?
Please contact our helpdesk to provide you access.

6. Why do I get the following error: "Unable to process invoice. Error code: System.Exception: Cannot find a valid profile for Business Unit (  ), Portfolio (   ). and invoice line type: (   )"
This means that no accounting profile for mentioned invoice line type exists. It is possible to either create it or use another invoice line type.  

7. User accidentally change the status of a Major Component to the 'Removed' status. Now it is no longer attached to the Asset. How do I find it again? 
Please nagivate to the 'Asset Administration Module' - 'Component' - 'Removed' in order to find the component and adjust the status accordingly.

8. Utilization in CMS is slightly off due to rounding as compared to data outside of CMS. 
Add user to CMS Group “CMS_SA_OverrideAmount_W” and edit the amount directly on the utilisation and click Process Invoice directly without saving. Do not adjust on the invoice.  

9. How to apply Utilization Correction?
The Correct for utilization outside the calculation Period of the charge item should be ticked. The correction should be entered in major component of asset under related components.

10. How do I remove a major component?
We advise to put major components in the 'Removed' status instead of deleting, as all transaction/data attached to the major component will be deleted permanently. 

11. How do I reverse an allocation?
 a. Partial allocation can be reversed by unallocate Batches in Maintenance Tasks under Reference module.

 b. Whole allocation can be reversed by Undo cash allocation under Receivables. Both key have to be turned on by our helpdesk with approval from the authorised requester.

12. How can I update LLP price list and life limited?
Please contact our helpdesk to help guide you through the process. We will first kindly ask you to deliver the data in a certain format which we will then upload for you into CMS.

Tips & Tricks

1. Creating the asset and base reading for contractual major components
Base readings can be entered per major component. It is also possible to enter the base reading for all components in one entry; This can be done within the specific asset and using the 'New Base Reading' functionality under the Goto menu.   

2. Alerts send to Non-CMS (External) user
It is possible to have external (Non-CMS) users receive alerts. This can be done by creating the user in CMS under the Reference module ('Reference - Other Reference Data - External Users') and linking this user to a role ('Reference - Other Reference Data - User roles'), it is then possible to assign this role to a specific alert type within the Alert Management module. 

3. Reversal of cash allocation can be performed by users
Reversal of cash allocation can be performed by users themselves; please contact our helpdesk ( to get access to this functionality. Please include approval from the authorised requester within your organization, contact our helpdesk if you are not sure who this is.

4. Viewing all uncompleted Alerts in one overview
Within the 'Alert Management module - Alert Overview', please do the following if you wish to view all uncompleted alerts: Select the radio button 'All Dates' and untick 'Only My Alerts', then you can see all uncompleted all alerts in the overview grid.

5. MR fund transfer to existing lease of other lease/GL or current lessee
Utilize the wizard of MR Fund Inquiry, which will guide you through how to transfer the funds to desired destination. Contact our helpdesk if you like to know more about tips & tricks when working with data. 

6. Quick access to contract accounting 
Within 'Receivables - Contract Accounting' you have the ability to have direct access to the accounting details that can also be found within a contract under the Go To Menu. Contact our helpdesk if you like to know more  about quick access tips & tricks.

7. Generating Financial obligation alerts
For the same lessee, it is possible to combine multiple leases for financial obligation alerts. Those financial obligation alerts indicates which lessee it is.

8. Import functionality Delivery & Redelivery Details
Within a specific contract it is possible to enter Delivery and Redelivery details via the Go To menu. In order to save time, it is possible to import Delivery and Redelivery items from the maintenance contract by using the 'Import from MTCE' functionality. Contact our helpdesk if you like to know more about copy and import/export tips & tricks.

9. Technical audit reference setting
They will be divided by portfolio and Asset operator, they might have different intervals, both of them can be set up, but the schedule will pick up the date whichever occurs the earliest.