Boeing has suspended the delivery of all flight and network operations tools and services to Russian and Belarusian customers.


Lease and Asset Management Software


AerData software is offered as a hosted solution supporting all business processes in aircraft lease and asset management. The solution is web enabled and accessible via a secure and encrypted internet connection anywhere in the world. AerData guarantees 24/7 availability of its information systems.

Organizations that use the AerData Software Solution:

  • Have better financial control of leased aircraft assets
  • Reduce exposure through better insight
  • Save money and effort because of the direct interface to existing Financial Systems

The following areas are supported by the AerData Software:

Asset Management

  • Aircraft, Engines, Spare Parts
  • Base Configuration
  • Technical Audit Planning & Forecasting
  • Utilization history
  • Shop visit history

Contract Management

  • Lease core details
  • Lease options
  • Insurance stipulations and certificates
  • Invoicing
  • ETA Management
  • Delivery and re-delivery
  • Status and conditions
  • Non-lease contract (3rd party servicing)
  • Loan contracts
  • Forward Order management

Maintenance Reserves

  • MR Rates for actual and estimates
  • Escalation process of MR rates
  • Claim handling process workflow
  • Recording of utilization and automatic invoicing
  • Lessor contribution
  • End of lease compensation


  • Direct interfaces with financial packages like SAP, Sun Accounts, Oracle Financials, SAGE etc.
  • Administration of Loans
  • Fixed asset ledger with aviation specific depreciation methods
  • Cash management functionality

Document Management

  • Store new documents in CMS
  • Link documents to multiple objects in the application
  • View¬†documents
  • Create document checklists

Event Management

  • Automatic reminders on critical dates
  • Manual setup of selected events
  • Outlook integration; reminders are sent through email
  • Escalation of events
  • Diary function


Available through the application, webportal and automatic emailing:

  • Portfolio reports
  • Aircraft configuration reports
  • Receivables reports
  • Maintenance reserves reports
  • Lease summary reports

Reserve and Cash Flow Analysis

  • Aircraft type economics
  • Maintenance event forecasting
  • Maintenance reserve and end of lease cash flow predications
  • Maintenance cost modeling and exposure analyses


  • Asset Placement
  • Pricing
  • (re) Marketing Data Sheet
  • Asset Purchasing


  • User defined reports
  • Powerful analysis of technical, financial and contractual data
  • Easy to use Excel interface