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STREAM: Swimming with the Current

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

STREAM is one of the fastest growing AerData products, and with a host of new clients signed up this year already, the system is currently loaded with the records of approximately 6,500 aircraft which equates to around 30% of the global (western build) commercial Aircraft fleet.

The first half of 2013 saw STREAM not only secure long term deals with two of the largest Gulf Carriers, but also saw a groundbreaking agreement reached with an OEM. This first-of-its-kind deal will see STREAM being utilized to store all of the documentation for the OEM’s full service Maintenance offering.

“These three deals alone have played a significant part in the continued success of STREAM and will help to cement the product’s strong position in the marketplace. It is a testament to the product and the hard work of the team behind it.” Godfrey Ryan – Director of Marketing and Sales.

Recent weeks have also seen the successful implementations of two large European holiday charter airlines and a low cost carrier based in Hong Kong. The success of STREAM on a global level has been a contributing factor to the product’s strong start to the year, and provides a solid foundation for continued growth for the second half of 2013 and beyond.

The team behind STREAM is undoubtedly the core behind its success, and in order to keep up with the increasing demand on a globally recognized product, the focus is always centered on development, and the remaining months of 2013 will be no exception. The key to success is not just to develop new features, but to maintain the reliability of the current system. It is this mentality that has got STREAM into the position it is now, which will ensure that it continues to move up the ladder straight to the top of the Digital Records Management field.

Alex Laybourne