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Full STREAM Ahead for AerData

Friday, 18 January 2013

STREAM has come a long way since its conception in 2002. Having moved from being a scanning service often placed on a single DVD and sent off to clients, it has become a license based system with millions of individual records and a strict security system in place that ensures they are kept confidential, yet can be instantly accessed by those with the rights to do so.

In the past, records updates would be loaded onto additional DVDs and shipped to the clients as required. The ‘new’ STREAM Interactive, which was launched in 2010, not long before AerData purchased Waviatech and formed AerData UK, allows users to purchase a license to connect to the online STREAM database and directly upload and access their documents from a single centralized online location.

During 2012, STREAM continued to grow and posted its most successful year yet, which included deals signed with GECAS, the world’s largest Lessor, and also saw the product welcome their first Asia Pacific based customer with a leading low cost airline. This was a notable signature as it signified the start of a new chapter of growth for STREAM by opening communication with one of the largest ‘growth’ continents in the aviation industry.

Another big step in 2012 was the signature of KLM UK Engineering, the first MRO to sign with AerData, which indicated to us that that the product had progressed far beyond its original boundaries.

With over 25 licensed customers and thousands of aircraft totaling millions of documents, STREAM is a continually evolving system that can be used to store an operator’s, lessor’s or MRO’ entire document base. From maintenance records and flight operations data to a full HR catalogue and financial records, STREAM can be applied to accommodate every document type.

Of course for some customers, especially an operator, the prospect of entering all of their historical aircraft records into a system can be somewhat daunting. That is where the second aspect of STREAM comes into play, and pushes it to the front of the class. AerData can, if requested, arrange the resource to scan the documents on site and will even bring their own equipment with them.

The aforementioned Asia Pacific based implementation saw three of AerData project managers on site for a period of 4 weeks, within which time they scanned 1700 boxes of records in a combined effort with 30 locally sourced personnel and equipment.

Godfrey Ryan, AerData’s Director of Marketing and Sales, heralded this performance as being; “a shining example of how AerData can effectively utilize resources in order to hit a deadline no matter what the circumstances.” Ryan continued to express his praise for those involved and finished by saying that; “this project showed that STREAM is ready and able to facilitate the implementation of the biggest names in the business.”

Being part of the AerData family, there is, of course, a demand for the integration of the STREAM system within other products such as CMS and EFPAC. The majority of Lessors currently using STREAM also run CMS as their main operating system, and so it is a logical step, and a key development feature for 2013, to have documents upload to and from the two systems, thereby eliminating any possible duplication.

With that said, 2013 is set to be a busy year for the product, as there are currently negotiations underway that could see two of the world’s largest airlines join the largest lessor as part of the STREAM family.

As I spoke to Godfrey, it became clear that STREAM is a product that has many layers, and approaches task with a three dimensional scope. By loading documents into the system, a company is not only making it easier for themselves to search and store their records for audit or internal use purposes, but it also makes for an ideal platform to facilitate the smooth sale or release of aircraft and engines when it comes to the end of lease. By having the documents in one centralized online location, transfer from one interested party to another is a simple matter, and can save all parties involved, not only time, but also money.

STREAM is a highly secure piece of software that is dedicated to aircraft records management. It was designed with a specific purpose and has stuck to it. Every development made is based around the software’s core value. This dedicated approach puts STREAM ahead of its competition and sets AerData on course for a sensational 2013.

Are you a STREAM user, or are you interested in hearing more about the product and what it can do for you? Please feel free to leave a comment, and we will get back to you.

Alex Laybourne