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AtlasData Keeps Up With The Trends

Friday, 28 June 2013

The last time I spoke to the AtlasData team, they were busy working to ensure that the users of the software would also be able to see Utilization for the aircraft they were looking at. As a result of agreements with aircraft manufacturers; Boeing and Airbus, AtlasData now has approximately 54% of the global Airbus and Boeing fleet with accurate Utilization data. Out of 10,910 active Boeing aircraft, AtlasData received 63% of the Utilization records, which accounts for a total of 6,850 aircraft. Airbus is currently providing AtlasData with information relating to 2,620 of its 6,642 aircraft which equates to 39% of their global fleet. This is a number that will rise even further in the coming months as the final approvals for additional aircraft are received.

With this task accomplished, the team has turned their attention to another project which will see the product gain an extra foothold in the market. The second half of 2013 will see another round of improvements within AtlasData, with the primary goal to add detailed trending analysis functionalities.

“The addition of a trend analysis tool to the system will allow users to make informed, reliable decisions about the aircraft they are looking to obtain, or to whom they would be best served to focus their sales towards. These decisions can be based on a detailed analysis that can be run over the global fleet, or broken down to specific aircraft makes, models or types.” Timothy De Vries – AtlasData Support Manager.

AtlasData is also populated with contact details of key personnel within the various organizations so that contact can be initiated externally as a direct result of the information within the system. This will allow targeted marketing to the correct people in a short timeframe to enable the best chance of success.

The incorporation of trending analysis into AtlasData will be another tool that will help users to further develop their business, and when coupled with the capabilities of the other AerData products, such as CMS and STREAM, the possibilities are there to have everything recorded and streamlined into one central base point; the online web Dashboard.