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AtlasData – A Small Fish With Big Plans

Thursday, 7 February 2013

While 2013 is but one month old, it has already proven to be a very enterprising year for the AtlasData team at AerData. With big plans being laid, the small fish of the fleet data pond has gotten their platform ready and strengthened with the confirmed creation of two new positions; one full time Junior Support Manager and one internship.

The increase in staff will set the stage for AtlasData’s 2013 growth plans. Plans which include the signing of a deal with Penton Media, the publishers of leading industry publications, AT World and SpeedNews. The deal will see AtlasData used as the sole source of information for the publications’ fleet review. With a combined worldwide readership of more than 200,000, AtlasData is set its largest branding campaign yet.

Aside from expanding its marketing base and gaining more brand recognition, the primary focus is still very much on increasing the available functionalities within the program, and offering customers a greater range of knowledge when it comes to their aviation data requirements. In a bold move that will see AtlasData take a stand against the biggest names in the field, plans are evaluated to create a dynamic and fully integrated marketplace that will include the display of contact information for the leasing companies and airlines in the database. Timothy de Vries, a Senior Support Manager for AtlasData, said; “the creation of an integrated marketplace within the AtlasData product is an innovative way for the product to move forward and gain some ground on its competitors.”

When starting a business, especially when entering a product into an avenue that is dominated by a large and well respected brand, the concept of working together with said competitor in order to add a new functionality to your own software may seem rather absurd. Yet that is exactly what is happening at the moment, with AtlasData and other players in the Aviation Data industry joining forces with bold plans to seek permission from airlines in order to acquire monthly utilization figures on a global level

A deal has already been struck with one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, Boeing, who will start providing the utilization data as of March.  Airbus has also signed, and we are currently in negotiations regarding the official date for the reporting commencement. While AtlasData is in continued negotiations with other manufacturers including Embraer, ATR and Bombardier, the addition of up to date utilization figures for the entire AtlasData fleet will only serve to enhance the steadily building reputation of this product.

Busy times are in store for everyone involved with AtlasData and an air of excitement builds as people begin to understand that the true possibilities and scope for this product are yet to be realized.  Looking forward through this year and beyond, there is no reason why AtlasData should not become the number one Aviation Data tool.

Alex Laybourne