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AerData transitions first customer to new Asset Management Solution

16 March 2023

Transitioning from a legacy system to something new can be a challenge. That’s why AerData put such a heavy emphasis on customer experience and 24/7 support to make the transition to its new Asset Management Solution (AMS) as easy as possible.

Customers are already taking notice. Earlier this year, AerData successfully transitioned its first customer from the legacy Contract Management System (CMS) to the new AMS solution. In addition, existing partners are actively engaging with AerData’s dedicated teams to plan their migration.

“We’ve been hard at work building and overcoming challenges in releasing the next generation of our CMS solution to optimize aircraft and engine lease management business processes,” said Justin de Looper, Interim Managing Director, AerData. “The fact this first migration went as planned has been a huge success and proves the path we chose has been the right one.”

Customers will see the value in migrating to AMS right away. The solution provides clients with one application to be their single source of truth for managing their assets through its life-cycle. This is achieved by utilizing integrated, cutting-edge modular microservice web-based solutions, which leverage all-cloud technology advantages such as high availability and speed performance enhancements.

“With this new technology, our platforms are designed to be around for many years to come,” de Looper said.

AMS and other AerData products were a focus with current and potential customers at this year’s International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Americas 2023, which was held this month in San Diego.

“Events like ISTAT are a great opportunity for us to meet with asset managers, lessors, investors and operators to share the innovative solutions we’re delivering and evolving to deliver efficient and reliable outcomes in operations,” said Jan Peeters, Global Sales Leader for Leasing Portfolio, Digital Aviation Solutions. Peeters confirmed that the team received positive feedback about the new technologies and that there is interest from current customers to continue discussions and plan their migration to the new application.

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From left, Benno de Paauw, Senior Business Advisor; Jan Peeters, Global IPT Sales Lead; and Gregory Davies-Hall, Product Manager, joined other Boeing organizations to showcase Global Services’ digital solutions to the aviation community at this year’s ISTAT (International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading) Americas 2023 conference, held in San Diego, California. (Photo by Erik van Rijssen)

AMS integrated microservices enabling AerData’s customer base to utilize one application to be their single source of truth.

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