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AerData to start 2013 with the introduction of a new Blog

Monday, 17 December 2012

The advent of Social Media has given rise to an increased awareness with regards to the importance of a company’s online platform. Sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, along with blogging in general, have progressed beyond being a mere passing fad, and become an entirely self-sufficient sub-culture. As a result, it is a place where a company’s reputation can be fully examined, with such businesses being judged by their stature within the social ranks.

It is with this in mind that AerData today announces the launch of a new, interactive blog which aims to provide all customers and interested parties everything they need to know about the company. From internal developments and announcements to software updates and releases, the AerData blog will be used as the basis for the company’s continued growth and highlights their commitment to the continued development of the AerData brand.

Via the blog, AerData also plans to create a direct link to other areas of Social Media, sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and even Facebook will be used to create an all-around online platform which the company can build upon and thus create an image that encourages two way interaction. The comments and conversations that sprout as a natural by-product of an online presence will allow users an extra level of contact with AerData and in turn allow AerData a chance to communicate directly to its customers as a whole.

Being a company blog, the tone of posts will of course be professional, but by adding the slightly more personal approach as offered by such a platform, an unofficial space for discussions can be created, and a secondary image can be built; one that shows AerData as being not only the leading service provider of its kind, but also a company that is not afraid of modern advancements, a company that, in future years, will be seen as a trendsetter within the Aviation Industry for their innovative and advanced usage of such a platform.

Therefore, without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce the very first AerData blog post, and I look forward to seeing the interesting topics that will come up for discussion.

Until next time,

Alex Laybourne