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AerData Makes it Stateside

Friday, 15 March 2013

Just over a year ago AerData made another step in expanding the brand by completing the set-up of a new office based in the U.S.; AerData Americas. Managing Director Jaap van Dijk relocated from Amsterdam to Washington in order to oversee the process and start the office on the right footing.

The setting-up of an American office was a natural progression for AerData, who have seen their client base grow at a fast rate since their inception six years ago. With approximately forty percent of their current client base located in the Americas and similar time zones, it was a sensible and logical move.

“The North, Central and South America markets are the largest in the world and it makes sense to be closer to all those leasing companies, financial institutions, airlines, MRO’s, and parts trading businesses. By being in the geographical region we will be much better positioned to service existing customers and prospective clients. One of AerData’s core fundamentals is providing agile services based on strong relationships.” – commented Jaap van Dijk when asked about the decision behind his move to the US office.

Clients have responded very positively and by being located in the Americas region AerData was capable of strengthening its already positive branding. The AerData brand is becoming more widely used in aviation circles particularly with its innovative and cost savings products CMS, EFPAC, STREAM and AtlasData.

With its cost saving capabilities, EFPAC and STREAM are proving to be leading components of the AerData brand, especially in financially turbulent times. That being said, these tools are something acquired by Airlines themselves despite the unstable economic environment where airlines find it hard to free-up budgets.

While the current goal of the U.S. office is to serve clients closer to their home town, there are of course plans afoot to increase staffing levels and offer a wider range of services to the Americas in line with what is currently available through the team in the Netherlands and UK offices. This will serve to strengthen the bond with the industry globally.

Is America the final destination for AerData? Far from it. Are there plans to increase our presence across the globe? Certainly. This includes strengthening the presence in current offices and also conferences, with AerData exhibiting at the forthcoming MRO Americas Conference in Atlanta in April.