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AerData Customer & Partner Conference 2015 Review

Thursday, 10 December 2015

In a true demonstration of collaboration and integration, airline, lessor and maintenance, repair and operation systems (MRO) customers were invited to two customer conferences that helped them understand the substance behind Digital Aviation’s value proposition. This year, the Boeing Maintenance Performance Toolbox Customer Conference was held in Amsterdam, with the final day overlapping AerData’s Customer and Partner Conference. The sequential conferences gave the two groups a glimpse of the bigger picture as they look for solutions to run their aviation business efficiently.

The two events were held side-by-side in the historic Beurs van Berlage, the site of the world’s first Stock Exchange that now hosts conferences and events in central Amsterdam. Event coordinators made sure that the two groups had time and access to both sessions and the AerData team invited the group to dine together on a salon boat cruise around the harbour. Customers were delighted to meet and network with their peers from across the globe.

The Toolbox 2015 User Conference, which ran from Sept. 14 – 16, was the formal launch of Toolbox Records. John Maggiore, director, Fleet and Maintenance Solutions, introduced the vision for the Fleet and Maintenance Portfolio to the audience. Larry Little and Juan Lopez, from the Toolbox leadership team, shared the overall product vision and future capabilities for the Toolbox Suite. Per Norén, vice president, Digital Aviation Customer Solutions, presented an industry overview. The new capability of hosting the engine manufacturer’s data, as well as the Toolbox ability to host non-Boeing content was also demonstrated. Customer guest speakers included those from Qantas, Air Canada and Transavia.

More than 100 participants were invited to visit 10 booths, get in-depth training and attend workshops on topics including the New Toolbox Remote and Mobile Access, Authoring, Tasks, Maintenance Turn Time and Engineering Orders and Service Bulletin management.

The AerData Customer and Partner Conference 2015, from Sept. 15 – 17, was an opportunity for AerData to present to their customers following their first complete year as part of the Boeing family. Founders and managing directors Mark Nieuwendijk and Paul van Tol hosted more than 120 customers from airlines, lessors and MROs. The agenda included 15 booths for product demonstrations, a range of case studies, interactive workshops and an industry working group update. Guest speakers included customers from Alitalia, Avinco Ltd. and GE Capital Aviation Services Ltd (GECAS).

Per Norén’s keynote speech covered not only an industry overview and explanation of the power and opportunity of big data in aviation, but also a focused explanation on the Digital Solutions portfolio and how DA is offering customers performance management solutions and serving the aviation ecosystem. “In essence, Digital Aviation looks at all the aspects of the airplane and the lifecycle of the aviation ecosystem that it operates in, and then finds capabilities that help customers—whether they are an airline, a vessel, an MRO or something else—operate as efficiently as possible,” Per said.

During Mark’s welcome message, he addressed the first year as part of the Boeing family and told customers what they can expect over the next two years, “The past year has been a year of integration and I really hope that during that integration we have struck the right balance. I’ve heard airlines say ‘It’s really great that you are now part of Boeing,’ because this broadens the discussion about Toolbox, Delivery Documents or other practical tools that make a difference to our customers.”

Mark continued, “For the past three years we have been growing significantly. This year, we’ve carefully and deliberately decided not to expand the range of services over the next two years. With EFPAC, with STREAM, with CMS, with GEARS and the underlying services we offer, we sincerely believe we have a full portfolio. We also believe in a world where there are interfaces with financials systems, MROs, other document publishing systems like Toolbox, so the second part of the investment we will be doing this year and next year will be opening up even more of our products to interface with customer products.”

Conference chairman Godfrey Ryan welcomed some of AerData’s new customers over the past year, including: Fokker, GOL, Interjet, AirSERBIA, KLM, Bank of Communications, Magnetar Capital and Accipiter.

Both companies were thrilled with the level of interaction and valuable feedback gathered. Conference coordinators hope to do the same type of conference schedule next year.

Co-written by Jacque Williams, Corporate Communications, Jeppesen and Sharon Heaton, Marketing Executive, AerData